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Evgenii Semenov
I have been programming since 2005. There is experience working with microcontrollers, creating programs for Windows, client and server web development, writing parallel algorithms for graphic cards and computing clusters, as well as mobile development. I am engaged in design and try to pay attention to the little things that allow you to create intuitive interfaces. I devote most of my time to developing my own and custom projects. I have been teaching since 2014 for an audience of 10-89 years. I act as a mentor for research projects and application development.


SnapKit Demo
When taking your first steps in learning Swift, you can use my learning program. This program will help you master the basic language capabilities required for an internship or creating your own pet projects. The complete curriculum is adjusted based on the individual qualities and knowledge of the student and includes over 40 topics. The full plan is designed for a student to reach the junior-3 level in a period of six months to a year, which will allow you to get a job as a junior developer in an IT company. All details of drawing up a complete training plan are discussed individually through a convenient communication channel (telegram, mail, social networks).
  • Avtoboom drawing page
    Page for filling out applications for participation in the drawing of the car and weekly prize draws from the trading network GC LAMA, and Apple devices.
  • OhMyBoss - iOS app
    Redesign of the application, adaptation to the new API, changing the logic of authorization and passing surveys
  • Website of the large regional retail
    A page with marketing materials, unique healthy recipes, current catalog and promotional products
  • The Baby Timer - iOS app
    Own project. Design, its own timer management controller, building graphs and charts, a database
  • Amediateka - iOS app
    Layout and logic of the main screen, as well as search screens, TV programs, favorites with downloads and browsing history, account with subsections
  • Site of photographer Yana Tvardovskaya
    Personal website of the photographer. Gallery of work, wallpapers, customer reviews. Logo development
  • Days Face - iOS app
    Own project. Design, database, multithreading, work with camera, Core Video
  • iFridge - iOS app
    Own project. In-app purchases, local notifications, micro-service with promo codes, localization, OpenSSL for validating purchases, widget
  • The Crazy Rain - iOS game
    Own project. Work with SpriteKit scenes, particles and physics, sounds and music, application lifecycle processing, Game Center, Google Ads
  • Lawyers - iOS app
    Directory with interactive data of organizations and persons, search, favorites. Negotiations, development of technical specification, supervision of RN-developer
  • Online store for pet products
    Online store with drop-down sections. Registration for customers and a section of your personal account with a price list
  • Starbox - iOS app
    Motivation application for children. Getting stars for useful deeds, exchanging for rewards. Supervising RN-developer, assembly and edits for iOS
  • CashFlow game client
    Online client for Robert Kiyosaki's "Cash Flow" game
  • Online furniture store
    Online furniture store. Shopping cart, cost calculator based on selected characteristics